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Ways to help your Toddler Gain Weight the Healthy Way

Ways to help your Toddler Gain Weight the Healthy Way

Ways to help your Toddler Gain Weight the Healthy Way

Here is a list of some elementary solutions that you can follow to ensure that your toddler gains weight!

Increase the calorie count in the meal

Getting your baby to eat more food when he’s already ignoring food isn’t ideally the best option. However, what can be done is that you introduce a high-calorie diet that is nutritious as well. This way, your baby gets the proper nutrition and puts on weight as well. Full-fat dairy products like cream cheese, paneer, milk puddings are a few options.

Set a routine for your toddler’s mealtime

It is best to set a routine for your baby as early in life as possible. This will help you monitor your baby’s eating habits and fix a proper timetable for your baby. A routine will also ensure that hunger strikes your child at the right time, and hence, he’d be able to eat correctly at every meal.

Make sure that a relaxed atmosphere is created for your baby

Today’s life has become so hectic that we can’t focus on one thing at one point, no matter how much we want. Kids are easily distracted if they find something attractive, like screens. Anything that could divert your child from eating should be kept away. Similarly, if you keep all your work and distractions aside too, it creates a peaceful environment for your baby to concentrate on his food.

Healthy Snacks

Don’t ban snacks completely. Junk can be prohibited, but instead of junk snacks, healthy options such as granola bars, peanut crackers, etc., can be given to ensure that your child gets attracted to food! Explore video link:
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