Mehak Bansal

Nutritionist Mehak makes Diet program easy to follow and sustainable. She has a unique style of making clients comfortable and stay faithful to their health regimes. She provides people with mentorship, customized, easy-to-follow nutrition, Exercise and fitness solutions drawing from her own example and experiences. This relatability addresses the gap that exists between most nutritionists and their clients. She believes that a one-on-one, close, personal interaction between her and her clients is critical to the success of any fitness program.

My Story

Since my entire childhood youngest of all, loved and pampered by the entire family, I was fed fried food with ketchup and various chutneys, a lot of sugary foods, and not to miss, the icing on the cake – the yum chocolates, wafers, pastries, etc. That were so difficult to resist when being fed, I really liked started eating alot and exercising a bit. But One fine day, my mother lost it and made me understand what I would be landing up in the future with if i continued eating this way. She said, “I understand that you love eating when people feed you but you need to respect your body and not exploit it like this.”

The results were , After my baby was born, I reached a weight of 102 – 104 kg. It was very difficult to move around and play with him. I kept getting irritated and my baby always wanted to play with me.I continued to gain weight I never knew I even could lose weight.

That’s when I decided that I would go for transformation it is very very important to be fit to enjoy motherhood and I didn’t want to let that go so I started studying about nutrition and health and followed it on myself with dedication and become dietitian & nutrition and start providing people with mentorship, customized, easy-to-follow nutrition, Exercise and fitness solutions.

I knew i was doing the right thing I am 62 kg today… and I feel so light and fit.