This nutritionist lost 40 kilos in 11 months! Here’s how

It is easy to assume that nutritionists don't gain weight. But it isn't entirely true. While they know the dynamics of weight loss and healthy eating, that doesn't really shield them from the evils of weight gain. Here is the transformation story of Mehak Bansal, who is a nutritionist by profession. She lost 40 kilos in 11 months and became determined to lead a healthy life. Here’s what she tells us about her....

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Eat Healthy and Live Healthy with Mehak Bansal

Specialised advice to assist you in reaching your weight goals.

Hectic lifestyle, poor nutrition choices and lack of physical exercise take a toll on your body, leading to numerous health issues. However, making the right eating choices can energise and rejuvenate you so that you can begin your weight loss journey and meet your fitness goals. Most people feel dieting and healthy food are synonymous. On the contrary, ensuring your body gets the right dose of vitamins, minerals, carbs, fibre and protein will address many health-related issues.

Mehak Bansal, a leading nutritionist, is renowned for her easy-to-follow diet program that allows clients to sustain the program and stay on track to achieve their health and fitness goals.

About Me

Mehak Bansal, a leading nutritionist, is renowned for her easy-to-follow diet program that allows clients to sustain the program and stay on track to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Nutritionist Mehak makes Diet program easy to follow and sustainable. She has a unique style of making clients comfortable and stay faithful to their health regimes. She provides people with mentorship, customized, easy-to-follow nutrition, Exercise and fitness solutions drawing from her own example and experiences.

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Diet Plans

Once a meal plan is purchased, you should expect to begin your plan in 2 weeks.

Silver Package

Inch Loss and Body Toning
  • One Month – INR 2,000
  • Three Month -INR 5,500
  • Six Month – INR 8,500
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Gold Package

Inch Loss, Body Toning, Weight Loss
  • One Month – INR 3,000
  • Three Month -INR 7,500
  • Six Month – INR 12,000
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Platinum Package

Weight Loss, Body Toning, Detoxification
  • One Month – INR 5,000
  • Three Month -INR 12,000
  • Six Month – INR 20,000
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Problem Specific Diet Plan

(PSD)( Thyroid , PCOD , Diabetes etc)
  • One Month – INR 4,000
  • Three Month -INR 10,000
  • Six Month – INR 17,000
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Healthy Lifestyle Diet Plan

  • One Month – INR 3,000
  • Three Month -INR 7,000
  • Six Month – INR 11,000
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Why Choose Mehak Bansal?

If you are ready to embrace health and fitness, and see a visible and measurable change, Mehak Bansal is the right choice. She provides clients with customized nutrition plans along with mentorship to help them reach their health goals.

Mehak also creates bespoke exercise and fitness solutions and many of these are drawn from her personal experiences. Hence, Mehak understands the needs of clients and they are able to relate to her, thereby bridging the gap between clients and nutritionist.

Clients will enjoy one-on-one personalized interaction with Mehak and this helps them to stay on track and adhere to their fitness and nutrition program.